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Latest updates on RAW Computing - Windows, PC, Linux

View phone notifications and more on your PC

Pushbullet enables you to view phone notifications on the computer screen. You’ll never miss another important notification. Read more...

Create a super fast RAM disk

If money is tight and your PC has lots of memory, some of it could be used as a super fast RAM disk. Read more...

Do you need to defrag SSD drives?

Some people seem to be unsure as to whether super fast SSDs – Solid State Disk drives – need to be defragmented. Read more...

What to do when LastPass goes down

The LastPass online password storage service went down today for several hours and many people were unable to access it. What can you do? Read more...

Find and delete duplicate files

Duplicate files that waste space. It is time to sort out the mess and find and delete the dopplegangers. Read more...

Did you know OneDrive has a code editor?

What happens if an HTML or CSS file is clicked on OneDrive? Surprisingly, they open in a useful online code editor in the browser window. Read more...


Latest updates on RAW Mac - Apple Mac, OS X

OS X Mail not showing notifications

Two things should happen when a new email arrives. One is that it should be added to Notification Center and the other is a pop-up notification. This doesn't work for some people. Why? Read more...

Check your spelling and grammar automatically in emails

How many times have you quickly typed in an email message and clicked the Send button only to realise too late that there was a typing slip in the message? Read more...

Clear junk from your Mac's disks with CleanMyDrive

Over time, disk drives accumulate junk files and these consume valuable space that could be used for more useful purposes. CleanMyDrive keeps the disk clean. Read more...

Keep being asked for your iCloud password?

There is a teeny tiny bug in OS X and iOS that some people have come across and it is related to iCloud. Read more...

Give your Mac a health check with ClamXav

When your Mac starts behaving strangely, it makes you wonder whether it might have some sort of malware on it. It is rare for Macs to be infected, but it is not unknown, so I had to check it out and downloaded ClamXav. Read more...

Stop iTunes advertisers tracking your activities

Advertisers are always looking for better ways to sell you more stuff and one way they do this is to track your activities. iTunes does this on the Apple Mac and the question is, do you want it? Read more...


Latest updates on RAW Apps - iOS, Android, phones, tablets

Exchange notes, files, links between phones, tablets and computers

Suppose you have a file on your tablet that you want to access on your phone. What if you have taken a photo on your phone and want to edit it on your tablet? Read more...

Show useful info on the lock screen with Chronus

Lock screen apps are one way to make a phone/tablet more useful and Chronus can be used to show the weather, calendar events, email, news reports and more. Read more...

Does Apple deliberately make your iPhone slow?

Your iPhone is about to become a lot slower as Apple flips the switch to dim the performance of its older phones to make you buy the new model that is just about to be released. Read more...

Install Android apps on your PC or Mac

Browsing the store on a small screen, such as a phone isn't fun. You don't have to because you can browse the store on your computer instead. Read more...

Monitor data usage with Onavo Count on Android

Onavo Count will tell you exactly how much data you have used and the amount remaining.

Clean up and tune up the iPhone and battery

There are numerous clean up and optimisation apps for Android, and a seemingly never-ending list of battery managers for extending the life of the phone, but where are they for iOS? Does it not need them? Maybe it does. Read more...


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