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Faster, longer with AVG Battery Saver and Tuneup

Near the top of most people’s feature wish list for their mobile phone must surely be a longer life battery and better performance. Read more...

Take fast photos with High-Speed Camera for Android

You might want to take an action shot at a sporting event, capture your pet dog jumping for a Frisbee, or something similar. You need a camera that can capture that split second with a high degree of accuracy. Read more...

Configure your phone for the car

Anyone that spends a lot of time driving a car will know about the problems that mobile phones can cause. Calls, messages, alarms and notifications can all distract you, which can potentially be dangerous. A lot of problems can be solved by configuring your phone correctly for the car. Read more...

Mavericks is slow, does my Mac need more memory?

One of the reasons for this could be that the Mac is running short of memory for apps and a quick look at Activity Monitor shows that all the memory in use. Is it really out of memory? Read more...

Shiny Soap cleans your Mac's disk

A question posted in an Apple help forum was "How do I clean my Mac's disk drive?" The reply was "You don't need to do that on a Mac." It is one of the many myths surrounding the Mac and although it may be better than some operating systems, it certainly does need cleaning occasionally to get rid of the file clutter. Read more...

Create custom email signatures in Mail

A signature can contain more than just your name and it is an essential component of an email message. You may not have realised it, but you can create impressive signatures in Mail in OS X on the Mac. Read more...

Disable the charms bar in Windows 8

The charms bar can easily be triggered accidentally and it can be very irritating. It is not possible to completely disable it, but it can be partially disabled Read more...

The best way to get free Linux distros

There are many different versions of Linux available and the number runs into the hundreds. If you want to download and try these Linux distros, what is the best way and where do you get them from? Read more...

Change the icon and colour of Windows 8 tiles

Would you like a different icon and colour scheme? It is possible, although with limitations, but it is not obvious how you might do this. Read more...

How to uninstall Office 2013 properly

If you have Office 2013 or Office 365 on your computer and want to remove it, what is the best way to do it? Read more...

Manage passwords with half price 1Password

Security on websites, services, computers, mobile phones and tablets is a pain. One of the most irritating features is the way that almost everything you use these days needs a password. It's impossible to remember them all. 1Password is one solution and currently it is half price. Read more...

Add OneDrive online storage to your Mac

Some people may regard Microsoft as the arch enemy, but the company really does quite a lot to support Apple Mac users with great software and services. Its recently renamed OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) offers lots of online storage for your files and it is more flexible than Apple's iCloud storage Read more...

Add Bing Highlights extension to Safari for easy searches

Extensions can be added to the Safari web browser on the Apple Mac to add extra features or to make existing ones easier to use. There is a whole online gallery full of of them and one you might want to take a closer look at is Bing Highlights. It makes searching the web simpler. Read more...

VSCO Cam app for iPhone review

There are countless camera apps in Apple’s App Store for the iPhone, so which ones should you install? There is so much choice it is difficult to know where to start. One app that is worth considering is VSCO Cam. This is a free app that has some useful features. Read more...

Scan receipts to OneNote with Windows Phone

OneNote is a an excellent utility for storing all sorts of information and it can be accessed everywhere - on the web, Windows PCs and Apple Macs, and mobile phones. Office Lens is a free app for Windows phone that enables you to scan receipts, documents and whiteboards and store them in OneNote. Read more...

Edit images in slides on Google Drive

Google’s apps on Drive just keep getting better and in a recent update the facility to edit images within slides in presentations has been added. They can be cropped, frames and masks applied, and more. Read more...

Amazon Fire TV is an Apple TV killer

Apple TV hasn’t had much competition and has mostly had the set top box market to itself for several years now. Steve Jobs famously called it a hobby. Now Amazon has released Fire TV, which goes way beyond what Apple TV does and it looks like a killer product. Read more...

Recognise text in Google Keep images

Google Keep is a note taking app that can be accessed in a browser on the web, or using an app on your phone or tablet, and it works everywhere. It is a convenient place to store text, images, lists and other items. It can now turn images into editable text using OCR (optical character recognition). Read more...

Show recently added photos in Windows

The Pictures folder or library in Windows is ideal for storing photos and you can organise them into subfolders by date, occasion or whatever is most useful. How do you view the most recently added photos though? It is easier than you might think. Read more...

Which email program is best for Windows 8?

A desktop email program has not been supplied with Windows since Vista and neither 7 nor 8 has ever had one. Many users that have kept up with Microsoft’s operating system have already sorted out their email requirements, but with the end of support for XP a lot of users of that old OS are looking to upgrade and they need an email client to replace Outlook Express. What are the options? Read more...

Intel’s hot new processors for 2014

Intel is working on new processors and technologies for 2014 that will bring some exciting developments to the market. The company is focusing on all-in-one (AIO) computers that does away with the old separate boxes for the system and monitor. There will also be a top-of-the-range high powered eight core CPU for people that require extreme performance. Read more...

What is a webp file and how do you view them?

Have you ever been browsing the web and after seeing an image you would like to save and use elsewhere, you right click it and select the save facility only to find that it wants to save as a .webp file? What is a .webp file and why is it used on the web? Read more...

What to do with Windows XP when support ends

If you have read some of the reports on the internet about Windows XP you might wonder if the world will end on April 8th. It seems that your computer will either stop working or instantly become the target for every malware and hacker out there. Is this really the case?

Get dictionary definitions in your browser

There are around a quarter of a million words in the English language and that figure does not include technical terms, scientific words and slang. How many do you know? Wouldn’t it be useful if you could get a dictionary definition? Read more...

Boost privacy with self destructing cookies

Cookies are a way for websites and services to store information on your computer and they are saved to the disk drive as you browse the web. Some cookies are useful, but some are not. Self-Destructing cookies is an add-on for Firefox that enables you to automatically erase the cookies you don’t need while keeping the ones that are useful. Read more...

Save space on your phone with mobile shortcuts

Unless you have the luxury of owning a phone or tablet with 32GB or more of memory, it is quite likely that you are short of space. It is easy to run out of space on a 16GB phone or tablet, and if the device is only 8GB you need to think about some serious memory saving techniques. Here is one tip for saving space on your phone or tablet. Read more...

Microsoft Office for Android

The big news this week was the launch of Microsoft Office for the iPad, but there was an equally important release that didn’t get as much attention and that is Office for Android. It is now free for home users and it is well worth getting. Read more...

Get traffic information before a journey

It can be very irritating to set off on a journey and end up stuck in traffic. If only you knew there was a traffic jam you could have either put off the journey till later or even another day if it wasn't important, or chosen another route if it was essential. With Maps on the Mac you can get bang up to date information on the road conditions before you set off. Read more...

Edit multiple photos in iPhoto

iPhoto on the Mac has some excellent editing facilities for enhancing photographs, fixing faults like brightness, saturation, contrast and so on. The usual way to edit a photo is to either double click it or to selected it and click Edit, but there is another way to edit photos and multiple images can be selected and edited simultaneously.Read more...

Security fixes for Apple TV

When you hear about security flaws and patches, you immediately think about OS X, Safari, and other applications, but there are other gadgets and devices that can present security problems too. Apple has released two updates for Apple TV within a month, for example. Is yours up to date?

Get Microsoft OneNote for the Mac free

Microsoft OneNote, part of the Office suite of applications, is now available from the Mac App Store for free. Just open the App Store, search for OneNote and install it. It is a 200MB+ download, so do it at home on a fast broadband connection rather than at a free Wi-Fi access point that might be slow or cost you money. It's a great app with a lovely design that is really useful for creating and storing notes. Continue reading...

Calculate appointment travel times with Calendar

Calendar on the Appe Mac is a useful tool for organising meetings, appointments, and so on. Just double click a day in Calendar to create a new event and then fill in the name and time. The location is optional and you might not think that you need it, but if you do enter an address, Calendar can tell you how long it will take you to get there either by car or by walking. It’s a useful feature. Continue reading...

Are Mac apps secretly monitoring your location?

If you have a recent Apple Mac and version of OS X, it is possible for apps to work out your current location. They can tell, quite accurately, where in the world you are. This extends right down to the street and even the building you are currently in, using your Mac. Continue reading...

Scan documents with TurboScan for iOS

Scanners are useful gadgets for turning paper-based documents into computer files such as images and PDFs. The problem is that sometimes you could do with a scanner, but you don’t have one. For example, you may be out and need to scan a document or a receipt and the only scanner you have is back at the office or at home. What can you do? TurboScan for iOS devices is one possible solution. Continue reading...

The LG G watch powered by Android Wear

First Samsung, then Motorola and now LG has announced a smartwatch. Competition in the marketplace is heating up with some of the biggest players joining in. Like Motorola's watch, LG's is powered by Android Wear and LG and Google are working together on the new wearables platform. Will this be a Nexus Watch sold by Google? It certainly sounds like it might. Continue reading...

Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch

Is 2014 the year of the smartwatch? Although there have been several models already, the one so far from Samsung and others have not been that attractive. They look more like scaled down smartphones than watches. Watches have to look good or people won't wear them and Motorola seems to have nailed it with its Moto 360 smartwatch. Continue reading...

New cheaper iPhone 5c 8GB

Apple has just launched a new version of the iPhone 5c and you can now save £40 off the price off the standard model. Yes, that's pounds and not dollars because, for the moment anyway, this model is only available to purchase in Europe. It is in the Apple UK store right now. Continue reading...

New version of Microsoft Office coming

Microsoft has announced that there are now 3.5 million subscribers to Office 365, the suite of applications including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The company has also revealed that there will be a new version of this suite and the aim is to boost subscriber numbers even more. Continue reading...

Microsoft introduces a new mouse

Touch sensitive screens are great on a mobile phone and are much better than keys. Touch is also fantastic on a tablet and it is intuitive and easy to use. Touch on a desktop or laptop computer is completely different and despite Microsoft building touch capabilities into Windows 8 and lots of laptops having touch, many people still prefer to use a mouse. Perhaps that is why Microsoft has introduced a brand new mouse. Continue reading...

Choose which version of Internet Explorer to open

There are two versions of Internet Explorer in Windows 8 and this can lead to some confusion. There is a full screen version of IE that can be opened from the Start screen and the desktop version that can be run on the old desktop. When you click a link, which version of the browser will open? You might want to open one version of the browser when in fact, the other one opens. How do you choose which one to use? Continue reading...

Create photo panoramas in Linux

Panoramic photographs provide fantastic views that show you what you would see if you stood at a spot and turned and looked in every direction. There are two problems though. One is that your camera or mobile phone may not have a panorama function built in, and the other is that even if it does, it may not be very high resolution. For these reasons it is sometimes preferable to create your own panoramas by stitching together several high resolution photos. But how do you do that in Linux? Here’s one way. Continue reading...

LaCie ships world's fastest disk drive

In January LaCie, the premium brand of Seagate Technology, announced that it had developed the world's fastest external disk drive, the Little Big Disk Thunderbolt 2. Today you can buy it and this super fast drive is now shipping. It's small, it's portable and it's incredibly fast. Read more...

Boost security in Safari on the Mac

The Apple Mac is very secure and there are far fewer threats than for some other operating systems that could be mentioned, but that does not mean it is perfect. For example, as you browse the web using Safari, websites and advertisers can track your activities and Safari does little to protect you. However, AVG Do Not Track can boost security. Read more...

Quickly change DNS for speed and security

DNS (Domain Name System) servers are not something most people are concerned with, but they should be. They can affect the speed of the internet connection and the security. Some DNS servers are slow, others allow malware, porn and other unsuitable material in the web browser. Here are some alternative DNS servers that offer speed and security, and a utility to switch in the blink of an eye. Read more...

Google Drive prices slashed

Google has always provided a generous amount of free online storage, but these days it is easy to exceed your allowance and the price of additional storage space used to be expensive. However, Google has slashed its prices and it is now cheaper than ever. Read more...

KitKat upgrade deletes apps

It seems a long time ago when Android 4.4 - KitKat - was launched, but some people are only just getting their upgrade. Of course, it all depends on the phone or tablet manufacturer rather than Google and my Samsung Galaxy S4 has only just been updated today. Read more...

Apple releases iOS 7.1 with CarPlay

Apple has released a new update to iOS and version 7.1 adds some new features and updates a bunch of existing ones. If you haven't already installed this update for your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings, General, Software Update and grab yourself a copy. Not only does it add features, Apple says it is faster on older hardware like the iPhone 4, which is welcome. Read more...

Add a heart monitor to a Samsung Galaxy S4

One of the new features in the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone is a heart rate sensor. This innovative new item uses the phone’s flash and camera to measure the rate at which your heart is beating. But is it really innovative? Well, actually, heart rate monitors have been around for years and all you need is an app from the Google Play Store. Read more...

Use a Windows 8 library to add a Start menu

There are two things missing from Windows 8.1 and the Start menu is the obvious one. The other missing item is libraries, but you may not have noticed because they were nowhere near as popular. Libraries haven’t gone, they are hidden and they can create a sort of Start menu replacement.

Get Getty images for free

It sometimes seems like you cannot publish anything on the web these days unless it has an image embedded into it. Some sites appear to make this rule, leading to crazy situations where the image is irrelevant to the article because the author couldn’t find one that fit in with the text. Now there is a solution though.

Scan documents and store them on Google Drive

People were talking about the paperless office 10 years ago and it still hasn't truly arrived. However, it is getting much easier to reduce the paper clutter that fills our desks and drawers, and Google Drive can be used to store documents, receipts and other paperwork.

What is the defaults Terminal command?

There are many tips for OS X on the Apple Mac that involve opening a Terminal window and typing an obscure command starting ‘defaults write blah blah…’ Have you ever wondered what it all means? This article demonstrates how to use the defaults command by revealing hidden files that are stored on your iMac’s or MacBook’s disk drive.

Geany is a powerful editor for Linux

Your Linux distro probably comes with a text editor, but the bundled one is often very basic. With Gnome-based distros for example, you often get Gedit and while it is OK for simple tasks, it doesn’t have a lot of features. An alternative is Geany, which is a powerful, yet lightweight editor for plain text and especially for programming code. Continue reading...

Turn TextEdit into an HTML editor on the Mac

TextEdit is a basic word processor and text editor that has been bundled with OS X on the Apple Mac for many years, but do you use it for anything or is it too basic for your needs? It can sometimes be frustrating to use, such as when you try to edit an HTML file to make some quick changes to your website. TextEdit modifies the code and can seriously mess up any HTML file edited with it, but there is a quick and easy solution.

Use reading mode on Samsung phones and tablets

The Samsung Galaxy S4 and some other Samsung phones and tablets have a reading mode. This feature is a little puzzling and you might wonder what it is and how to use it. In a nutshell, it simply makes reading easier on the eye.

Does iMessage send SMS on the iPhone?

Everyone who has an iPhone will be familiar with the Messages app on the iPhone, but did you know that it can send instant messages over the internet, and SMS and MMS messages over the phone network? How do you know which typer of message you are sending? Will it cost money to send a message to someone? Here’s how to find out.

Find bad startup items with binary search

A common problem that Windows users have is with starting up. It may take a long time to get to the desktop, such as five minutes or more. It may display messages on startup, such as error messages, notifications or even unwanted adverts. How do you track down the source of the problem? Use binary search…

Make SkyDrive available offline

SkyDrive is integrated into Windows 8 and if you open an Explorer window you will see it in the drive/folder list on the left. Select SkyDrive and a list of the folders and files it contains is displayed. Files can be opened, copied and deleted, but where are they? Discover whether files are online or offline.

Panda Cloud Cleaner – the good, the bad and the ugly

Sometimes you are convinced you have malware on the computer because it just isn’t running right. How did it slip through your security software? Panda Cloud Cleaner is able to give you a second opinion by scanning the computer for malware and offering to clean it afterwards. It’s free and there are good, bad and ugly bits. Go to new site

What you’re missing in Windows 8

The one big failing of Windows 8 is that if there isn’t a tile for an app on the Start screen, it tends to get forgotten about. For example, how many Windows 8 owners use Sticky Notes? I bet a lot of people don’t even know they have an app called Sticky Notes. After all, there isn’t a tile for it on the Start screen. Go to new site

Discover what’s slowing down your Mac

Do you know which applications use the most processing power in your Mac? Which apps does your iMac or Macbook spend the most time processing? It might be useful to find out and if your computer is running more slowly than you think it should be, it might enable you to identify the problem. Go to new site

How you are tricked into installing software you don't want

How to avoid the browser toolbars, hijacked search and home pages, and unwanted software that is forced upon us. Spot the tricks used to install stuff you don't want. Avoid con tricks.

World's simplest most useful Automator app for OS X

Many Mac users have taken a quick look at Automator and decided it's too complicated. Although you can do complicated things with it, you can also do simple things too. Let's look at a simple use for Automator.

Install Windows 8.1 alongside Windows 7

You don't have to completely replace Windows 7 though and you can run both Windows 7 and 8.1 side by side on the same PC on the same disk drive. Providing you have around 20GB of disk space free on the hard disk drive, you can install Windows 8. You just need to do two things. Install Windows 8.1

Find free images on Google

If you are looking for a photo for your ebook, blog, Facebook page or website, there are countless images available the web. The problem is that most are copyright. You could get in trouble if you copied someone else’s photo. Here's how to find legal images.

How to use Windows 8 search to find stuff

Searching for items in Windows 8 should be easy, but it can trip you up. Sometimes it does not show you what you are looking for. Here's how to use Windows 8 search.

Clear Windows 8 tiles of personal information

Some of the tiles on Windows 8's Start screen show personal information. If you want to hide the details, there is a quick command to clear the contents of all tiles at once. Clear all Windows 8 tiles.

Discover what can access your Google account and block it

You should regularly check who and what can access your Google account and revoke permission for anything that shouldn't have it. It is important to keep on top of your Google account security.

How not to lose your email account

If you switch ISPs you might lose your email account. Here is the best way to keep your email when you switch ISPs.

Enhance iOS 7 with these visual tweaks

When iOS 7 was launched it brought a radically new interface that is very different to what we had previously seen on Apple's mobile devices and tablets. For the most part, the changes are good, but it isn't perfect and there are a few annoyances. Fix iOS 7's screen display.

Turn your tablet into a phone and make calls

If you have a tablet, you may have wondered whether it is possible to make phone calls with it, particularly if you have a 3G model with a SIM card. Surely there can't be that much difference between a 3G tablet and a phone with 3G? Make phone calls on your tablet.

Reduce startup times and boot your Mac faster

How quickly does your Mac start up these days? Is it still as fast as the day you bought it or does it seem to take longer to get to the desktop than it used to when you first bought it? Lengthening startup times are a common problem. Why is this and what can be done ? Here are some tweaks to speed up the boot process and restore the Mac's original performance.

Create disk image backups with Macrium Reflect Free

Most people know they should create a backup of the disk drive, so why is it that so few people bother? Macrium Reflect is a popular backup utility and there is a free version. Some features are disabled, but there are enough working features to back up and restore whole disk drives. Use it!

Android Cleaner keeps your device running smoothly

Android Cleaner is a free app that lets you view the storage and cache used by apps, to erase caches, remove apps, discover adware and more. A cleaner running device will use less battery, will run faster, and have fewer problems.Android Cleaner reviewed.

Clean up and optimise Android phones and tablets

Smart phones and tablets never seem to have sufficient memory or battery life and we are always running short. AVG, the company famous for its free anti virus software, has some useful Android apps and one you should take a look at is AVG Battery Saver & TuneUp.

Add a Start button and menu to Windows 8

For many people though, the Start screen is not a good alternative to the Start menu. If you have Windows 8 or are thinking about getting it, IObit's Start Menu 8 adds a Start menu that is just like the one you are used to.

Clean up your Android tablet with AVG Uninstaller

All Android phones and tablets have built in facilities for uninstalling apps of course, but which apps should you uninstall? AVG Uninstaller makes the decision easier to make by enabling you view a list of apps in different ways. See what AVG Uninstaller can do.

Stop pop-ups, errors and messages on startup

A common problem when starting the computer is a message or a pop-up window appears, an error occurs, or something equally irritating happens. People frequently say, "How do I stop X appearing every time I start Windows?" Here's how...

Sort Safari bookmarks into alphabetical order in OS X

As you add bookmarks to Safari's bookmarks menu, they are stored in the order you add them. This is random and it makes finding bookmarks awkward when there are a lots. Here is a work-around to sort Safari bookmarks into order.

When a laptop won't wake fom sleep or hibernation

One of the nice features of modern computers is the way that they can be put into sleep mode or hibernation instead of being switched off completely. They can be woken by touching them and withing a few seconds they are ready to use. Occasionally they won't wake. Solve sleep and hibernate problems.

Select text in Quick Look windows on the Apple Mac

Quick Look enables you to view the contents of a file without opening it. Wouldn't it be really useful if you could copy information out of the Quick Look window? This tweak will enable you to copy text from Quick Look, saving you time and effort.

Apple clearing stocks ready for new iPad?

There are an awful lot of iPads in the Apple refurb store at the moment. Is this an indication that new iPads are coming soon? Probably. Get a bargain iPad.

The difference between Surface, Nexus 7 and iPad

The number of stories about Microsoft's Surface are growing and most of them have a similar theme - how poorly it has performed. Why have so few people bought the Surface when clearly tablets are really hot sellers right now? Surface vs iPad vs Nexus 7.

Apple ‘iPhone Lite’– Gadget or Toy?

Apple’s low-cost smartphone, now labelled as the ‘iPhone Lite,’ is rumored to be in its production stage and set to hit the stores this September. Here is some of the information we’ve gathered about the upcoming new Apple phone.

Use Panda Cloud Cleaner to remove malware

The large number of Windows PCs makes it a tempting target for malware authors and it is hard to avoid when using the internet. Security software is a help, but it's useful to have a security backup. Panda Cloud Cleaner cleans malware from the disk drive.

Create new Windows partitions with Diskpart

Diskpart might not be the first utility that springs to mind, but some command prompt tools are worth getting to know.

Protect your Kindle Fire from unauthorised purchases

Hardly a week goes by without there being a story in the news where a child has racked up a bill of £1,000 on a tablet or smartphone that has been given to them. To prevent children from accessing things they shouldn't, like expensive apps and other content in the store, you need to configure the parental controls.

View PDF files without installing any software

The PDF file format is widely used for distributing all manner of documents over the internet and it is very popular. Do you need Adobe Reader to view and print them? No. Uninstall it and your disk will be over 300MB lighter, and what's more, you can still view and print PDFs.

Apple Mac OS X: Choose your preferred Wi-Fi network

The chances are that if you use Wi-Fi there will be two or more wireless networks within reach of your computer. Which should it connect to? How do you make sure yours at home is the one you connect to and not your neighbour's? With a MacBook in a public place and there might be several Wi-Fi networks. How do you choose which one to use? Set the default Wi-Fi network.

Show or hide attachments in Mail on the Apple Mac

Mail displays the contents of email attachments whenever possible and if someone sends you an email with a photo attachment, you can see the photo in the message. The same is true of PDF files too. If you get a PDF document, you can see it within the message. You may find it quicker to deal with lots of email by preventing mail from showing attachments.

Speed up Internet Explorer in Windows and start faster

There are some things you can do to improve the performance Internet Explorer and here is one simple method that focuses on improving the speed at which the web browser starts up. So if Internet Explorer starts too slowly, speed it up.

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