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Did you know deleted email on Outlook.com is not really deleted?

Do you use Microsoftís Outlook.com email service for your messaging? How do you delete an email? This is not a trick question. Even if you delete an email and then empty the Deleted folder, it can be recovered. Read more...

What happens to Gmail messages you archive?

If you are a Google Mail user, you will have noticed options to archive email messages. What happens to emails you archive? Where do they disappear to and how do you get them back if you change your mind? Read more...

Abandon sticky notes and put Google Keep on the desktop

When you are working on your computer you will occasionally need to temporarily store information. One way of doing this is with sticky notes apps and there is no shortage of utilities, but Google Keep now runs on the desktop.

Move the taskbar to a better position in Windows

Todayís monitors are not square and the bottom of the screen may not be the best place for the taskbar. Move the taskbar.

Recover disk space used by Windows 8 File History

Windows used to come with a built in Backup program that could be used to back up your files to a second disk drive, such as a USB disk. Windows 8 doesnít have this facility and instead it has File History. What you may not realise is the large amount of space that File History uses.

Straighten photos with Windows 8 Photos app

We all take crooked photos occasionally and if you arenít careful with the camera and hold it exactly horizontal, the resulting slope of the landscape can ruin a good photograph. Windows 8 Photos app can solve the problem and it is quite straightforward.


Latest updates on RAW Mac - Apple Mac, OS X

Create location-based reminders

The Reminders app is useful for creating lists of things to do, such as tasks, jobs, projects, even shopping lists. Reminders can remind you to do something at a specific location. When you arrive or leave a location, it shows the tasks you need to do. Read more...

Don't get caught out by this email scam

There are many email scams and people are constantly working on ways to fool you into revealing your bank details, login details to online services and so on. Here is a typical email that tried to fool me into revealing my Apple ID. Read more...

Manage your iCloud storage on the Mac

Apple provides 5GB of online storage space for you to use for free. How much are you using? You might be surprised at the amount. Hereís how to check your iCloud storage and why you are using so much space. Read more...

MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro Ė get the best deal

If you need a cheap, small, light MacBook that will run all day on its battery, the 11-inch model is a bargain, but it is a different story with the 13-inch model though and there is an alternative to consider. Read more...

Add Google Keep notes to the Dock in OS X

When you are working on your computer you may need to temporarily store information. One way of doing this is with the Notes app or Stickies, the Mac's sticky notes app, but Google Keep now runs on the desktop and it offers several advantages.

Get Gmail notifications in Safari with this extension

How often do you check your email? Probably too often and if there isnít any new mail, it is a waste of time. If the email isnít important, it is also a time waster. GMail Counter is a Safari extension that solves the problem.


Latest updates on RAW Apps - iOS, Android, phones, tablets

Find your lost phone by whistling!

I lost my phone at the weekend. I knew it was in the house somewhere, but it wasn't on the table where I usually keep it. Finding it was pretty straightforward... Read more...

iOS and Android news roundup Jun 5

Here is a roundup of the latest news for iOS and Android. Read more...

Manage iCloud backups on the iPhone

You may not have realised it, but your iPhone is probably automatically backing everything up online using iCloud. Apple provides 5GB for free, but how much are you using? Are you near your limit? How can you reduce your usage? Letís take a look. Read more...

Follow the Subway Surfers World Tour to Sao Paulo

Brazil is on everyoneís minds this summer because of the football World Cup and this update to Subway Surfers takes you to Sao Paulo. Read more...

Android 4.4.4 follows quickly after 4.4.3

You wait ages for an update and then two come along at once. Well, almost at once and Android 4.4.4 has quickly followed 4.4.3. What's new in Androd 4.4.4?

Donít let your iPhone or iPad disturb your sleep

Do you keep your phone or tablet by the bed? Are pesky notifications waking you up in the night? Here is how to get a good nightís sleep. Silence your phone at night.


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