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RAW Computing updates - Windows, PC, Linux

Fix Windows Explorer crashes when opening a folder
Edit photos using Vignette in Windows 8 Photos
Clean temporary files in Windows to fix problems
Clean up and reset Internet Explorer
Unblock programs blocked by Windows SmartScreen
Use YouTube’s TV interface and remote control
Improve your PC backup strategy
Sync computers, exchange files with BitTorrent Sync


RAW Apps updates - iOS, Android, phones, tablets

Test and analyse your iPhone to track down problems
Retry is as frustrating as Flappy Bird, but more fun
The dark side of Facebook’s anonymous chat Rooms
Edit photos with Snapseed for Android and iOS
Use the best activity tracker and ditch the rest
Put weather widgets in the Today view in iOS 8
Keep updated with Google News and Weather
Track activity with Argus, get fit, lose weight


RAW Mac updates - Apple Mac, OS X

Increase Safari security and privacy in OS X Yosemite
Send and receive SMS text messages on your Mac
Essential tasks after installing OS X Yosemite
Clean install OS X Yosemite on your Apple Mac
What is ksfetch and how do you stop it?
Is your Mac infected with the iWorm malware?
Be safe and disable automatic updates for OS X
2 utilities to analyse your Mac’s disk space


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Go to Windows tips Windows tips

Clear Windows 8 tiles of personal information

How to use Windows 8 search to find stuff

Install Windows 8.1 alongside Windows 7

When a laptop won't wake fom sleep or hibernation

Add a Start button and menu to Windows 8

Create disk image backups with Macrium Reflect Free

Run commands from within Explorer in Windows

A Start menu alternative for Windows 8

Burn or mount .iso images in Windows 8

Explore the world with Photowhirl for Windows 8

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Windows 7, Vista, XP.

Go to Mac/OS X tipsApple tips

Select text in Quick Look windows on the Apple Mac

Sort Safari bookmarks into alphabetical order in OS X

Reduce startup times and boot your Mac faster

Word suggestions for TextEdit on the Mac and more

View Photo Stream as a screen saver on the Mac

Solve Mac problems by resetting the SMC

Clean your Mac's disk with CCleaner for OS X

Customise Mission Control in OS X Mountain Lion

Pin notes to the desktop in OS X Mountain Lion

Customise Calendar alerts in Mountain Lion on the Mac

Repair faults with iPhoto albums on the Apple Mac

Get more Apple Mac tips

Go to Linux tipsLinux tips

Manage social network permissions in Ubuntu Linux

Access Ubuntu One and sync with Windows

Install a screen saver in Ubuntu Linux

Install Synaptic Package Manager in Ubuntu Linux

Enable sleep/hibernation in Ubuntu Linux

Customise the Ubuntu Unity desktop interface

Access Windows folders from Linux in VirtualBox

Recover lost and deleted files in Linux

Get more Linux tips

Windows 8, Windows 7,
Vista, XP tips.

LinuxYou want more Linux tips and articles?

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